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Business clients understand the importance of securing quality legal representation. Kleinpeter & Kleinpeter, L.L.C., provides advice, document review and litigation services scaled to the needs of your organization. From regulatory compliance to contract disputes, we can help you resolve legal issues so you can focus on the needs of your business. 

Seasoned counselor prepares and reviews contracts for accuracy and compliance

It's critical that the contracts your business uses have been drafted carefully to reflect the wishes of the parties and comply with regulatory requirements. We can help you with contracts involving:

  • Purchase orders and sales — We help clients prepare sales contracts designed to avoid disputes when possible and to protect them from the disputes that do arise.
  • Employment agreements — The laws governing employment relationships are updated frequently. That's why we make sure our clients' contracts and policies are in compliance with all state and federal regulations and advise them of pending or proposed changes.
  • Commercial leases — When clients need help with commercial real estate transactions, we provide assurance that the details are all hammered out in the lease so they don't have any surprises.

Careful contract review by a skilled attorney can help you avoid costly litigation down the road. When you retain Kleinpeter & Kleinpeter, L.L.C., you get the legal services you need and the peace of mind that things have been done right.

Reliable corporate counsel for regulatory compliance and corporate governance

It can be challenging to keep on top of regulatory developments impacting your business. We can help you analyze the environment in your industry and develop procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal law. We can also advise senior executives, members of the board of directors as well as the board itself on a host of issues involving corporate governance and risk management. 

Experienced commercial litigator represents businesses in state and federal court

From asserting rights under a contract to defending against lawsuits, your business sometimes needs litigation representation. Our attorney can help you develop strategies to manage litigation or work with your legal department to resolve particularly complex matters. Whether you're facing a regulatory action, contract dispute or labor lawsuit, we have the background to negotiate on your behalf and argue your case in court. 

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Kleinpeter & Kleinpeter, L.L.C., has been serving Baton Rouge businesses in contract law, corporate law and commercial real estate transactions since 1965. Call us at 225-384-6008 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Baton Rouge office.

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